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Our process involves 4 stages; idea, project, startup, company. Our work below will be in these categories.


Having reached stable growth, these projects receive special attention long term, and produce revenue and profit.

Helpful Systems

Strategy and process consulting firm that helps businesses streamline and improve bad internal and external workflow.

Pure Web Services

A cutting edge digital marketing agency that helps small to medium business promote themselves effectively online.

Outsourced Motivation

Coaching company that helps people start and reinforce key habits and decisions to improve their lives.


Projects that may have some revenue and/or team, and need more careful management and focus to maintain their growth curve.


We’re always looking for more excellent companies to join our ranks.


Ideas that have merit, and are being tested, but aren’t necessarily profitable yet.

Epic Packaging

A collection of some of the best packaging products we’ve found in the wild, and a network of the top packaging and design talent.

Sacramento Business Events

Find the highest quality local professional networking opportunities to grow yourself or your busienss


If we told you, we’d have to… hire you to turn them into reality? Let’s talk!


Projects we’ve retired for a variety of reasons 

Fibonacci Reminder

Software tool utilizing the Ebbinghaus Curve for optimal review timing, which increases memory retention of learning

Office Sitting

What if you could rent out empty office space like a house while they’re on vacation?

Hair Salon Bot

Allows hair stylists to stay focused on their clients instead of dealing with inbound scheduling calls and other administrative tasks.

Grip Top Socks

For people who are tired of their socks falling down and having to pull them up, these never fall down. Even while running. 

Nimble Shelters

Shelter is an immediate need following any major disaster, so we build cheap, lightweight, and rapid deployment shelters

Tactical Quiet

Affordable, durable, and lightweight hearing protection. For use in tactical, sports, or construction applications.

Organize Club

Many of the important but also tedious administrative tasks of a club can be simplified through our software tools.

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